Cash Flow Your College

cfyc2Are you a high school student who doesn’t want to take student loans, but doesn’t have the money to pay for college? A college student who has taken debt but doesn’t want any more? A parent who can’t afford to help financially but would like to help in other ways? This is the book for you!

Cash Flow Your College helps you analyze all aspects of funding your education. From selecting a college and major to purchasing and selling textbooks, you don’t want to let pennies slip through your fingers! Inside, you’ll find

–Things to consider when making your college selection
–The importance of the FAFSA
–Finding scholarships
–Purchasing and selling textbooks to minimize spending and maximize savings
–Ways to increase your cash flow without taking a traditional part-time/full-time job
–How to make it happen if you’re married
–Encouragement for the journey

With peers taking on thousands of dollars in student loan debt, Cash Flow Your College stands as a beacon of hope and encouragement to those who want something different, something more. You can pay for college and graduate without any debt. It IS possible. Cash Flow Your College shows you how.

Click here to purchase your copy on Kindle!

Need a PDF version? Click here!

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