The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

Back in November, I posted a special about The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. With how small this blog is, I didn’t get my hopes up. However, several of you purchased the bundle! (Thank you!)

This time, I am honored to have Cash Flow Your College included in the bundle. You all know how passionate I am about going to college without taking any debt… Now a lot more people can read about that passion! ;) The sale ends at midnight on Monday, so on Friday and Monday, I’ll be highlighting some of the books in the bundle.

This is definitely an incredible deal (details below), but –as if the value of the books and printables isn’t enough– the bonus offers are outstanding. AND this time, they’re offering a Kindle bundle for easier use! How cool is that?

I realize this is a very lengthy post, so thank you for bearing with me. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you want to read all the details of the bundle rather than a synopsis. So, here it is. Just for you. :)

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bonus-imagesIn addition to all the amazing eResources, this bundle includes the best bonus offers it’s ever had. These deals are worth over six times the price of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. So you’re up on the deal right away!

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Remember, this bundle is available for 6 days only, from 8 a.m. (EST) on Wednesday, April 23 to 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Monday, April 28th.

Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. I had the opportunity to participate in this bundle sale, so I chose to offer it to my readers as an affiliate. What does that mean? If you make a bundle purchase via the links above, my family will receive a percentage of the sale. You are in no way obligated to make a purchase this way. Want the the fine print about this bundle? You can also read answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

Making Quality Time Happen

Making Quality Time HappenI won’t kid around and pretend we all have extra time in our schedule to invest intentionally in friendships that need it. I mean… did you see my goals list? I can’t even manage to accomplish those; so where on earth do I find time for friends? And how do I balance that with prioritizing my family?

This will not look the same for everyone. Your family has different priorities than my family, and that’s ok. I do want to offer some suggestions as a launching pad, a spring board of sorts, to help you think about how you can invest in others’ lives. Here are some ways I’ve done it in the past:

  • Have a weekly meeting. If I don’t meet weekly with some friends, then when we do meet, we have to have a much, much longer time together. The weekly meeting can be just an hour or two, or it can be having a meal together. My dream is to invest in friendships while “doing life together” — washing dishes, folding clothes, mopping floors. You know, like the pioneers used to.
  • Schedule a time to chat. For distance friends, it’s nice to know that every Thursday at a certain time, I’ll get to talk with her. I look forward to it during the day (if I remember it!), and it’s often a motivation to accomplish my tasks in a timely manner.
  • Write letters. For other distance friends, letters work really well. I find that there is a depth reached with letters, especially over an extended period of time, that cannot be easily plumbed in a series of phone calls. Plus some friends tend to listen more than talk; letter-writing gives the opportunity for both parties to “talk.” And who doesn’t like getting a hand-written letter in the mailbox?

I love the idea of “doing life together,” as I already mentioned, but that friend probably has a primary love language of acts of service — not quality time. The bottom line, though, is that friendship cannot deepen, flourish, without time spent together. Being involved in each other’s lives…spending time (rather than money) has a return on investment that far exceeds any mutual fund or 401k you could invest it.

For some more food-for-thought, check out Ann’s post over at (in)courage on Friendship.

Challenge: How will you invest time in one person this week? How will you continue to invest in that one person in the weeks to come?

{image by Mattox}

Vulnerability and Trust

A got called into work on his day off last week. The planner in me wanted to throw a fit — Monday nights are one of two nights a week we get to spend together. How unfair! But the tradeoff? He’d have Saturday off.

That I could go for.

So he did. He shortened his weekend and worked Monday in order to have 3 days off this past weekend. I asked him to choose what to do, since it’s such a rarity. He said he’d like to spend the night with our “second family” — something we’d talked about for a while, but it hadn’t worked out with his schedule. So I encouraged him to make the plans.

Long story short, some major miscommunication took place. From the outsider’s perspective, it was not an ideal weekend. I don’t deal with conflict well, and unspoken tension in the room drives me batty. But we stayed.

And we learned a lot. I got to see “mom” peel away a bit of the mask of holding everything together. She opened up a corner of her heart I had yet to see. If the weekend had been ideal, I probably wouldn’t have witnessed that. Where trust has been planted, vulnerability is like water to the trust seedling… Trust can’t deepen its roots, grow its stalk, without some level of vulnerability. While vulnerability is hard, it has some tremendous dividends.

The truth is none of us “have it all together.” {Did you see my New Every Morning post last week?} When we’re willing to let others in on the fact that we don’t, we can give and receive the love of Christ in a real way… Who wants “pretend” love anyway?

Come join our New Every Morning link-up recounting God's mercies (Lam. 3:22-24)!Wanna join us? It’s simple. Grab a journal and start writing. What are you thankful for in this moment? What have you overlooked that He has graciously given you? Then, each Thursday, join us as we revel in His mercies! If you have a blog, we’d love for you to leave your link. If you don’t, feel free to leave your list in the comments!**

Mercies to date: 418. Take a look at this week’s list:
395. Ae’s mostly easy-going temperament
397. encouragement to purge clutter and minimize “stuff”
399. deep, vulnerable conversation with “Mom”
401. H & S’s excitement about learning how to do a fish-tail braid
404. Chinese food — because it’s A and N’s favorite
406. Ae’s enthusiasm for “‘WANA!”
407. an inflatable slide at church — and pure joy on Ae’s face as he raced down it head first
409. progress… even when it’s barely documentable
411. jellybeans
415. a well-insulated apartment when the temperature outside dropped from 70 to 40 overnight
417. resources available on the Internet

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Dynamic Duos: How Large Networks of Friends Muddle Our Effectiveness

I am not an expert. I am a woman who has endured the loss of many deep friendships. I hope my learning process helps you see friendships in a new light.

How Large Networks of Friends Muddle Our EffectivenessWe all run in circles. Yes, in the chaos of life, but that’s not exactly what I’m referring to. We have groups of people who are “like” us, people we enjoy being around or have something in common with. Sunday school, La Leche League, homeschool groups, hobbyists, and the list goes on. It’s inevitable that when we identify with some cause, idea, or label, someone else does, too.

C.S. Lewis said it well when he said, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

But are you close friends with every woman in your Bible study? Likely not. We tend to gravitate towards those we find more similarities, or more intriguing.

I suggest that this is by God’s design. His Word recounts friends in pairs: David and Jonathan; Ecc. 4:9-10; and Paul and Barnabas. There were a few “larger” circles of four, such as Job and his three “friends;” Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah; the lame man and his friends; and Mary, Martha, Lazarus, and Jesus, but even these groups are small compared to the networks we connect ourselves with these days.

My Facebook profile may show that I have a large group of friends, but how many do I really know? How many have I sat down and had at least two lengthy discussions with? Not including family, less than half of my “friends” fit those criteria. Throw in “invited me to their house” and the number drops even lower. Less than 30.

The danger inherent in such large groups of “friends” is a loss of personal contact. We can like pictures and comment on statuses without truly knowing the person. People do so with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all the time.

With the loss of personal contact goes my effectiveness in that person’s life. If I don’t fully understand their cryptic message, will my words truly encourage? If I am unaware of the hurt they are enduring or have endured, will my comment be accepted as intended or received as a trite attempt?

We’ve got to figure out a way to regain some of this loss of personal contact. Next week, I’ll give you some ideas for how to make quality time happen and be more intentional about personal contact. Stay tuned — next week, same time, same place!

Challenge: Evaluate the circles you run in. Who is your closest friend in that circle? Send them an email (or better yet, a snail mail note!) of appreciation for their friendship.

{image by Mattox}


I wanted to write you a grandiose post this week. But I didn’t.

I wanted to tell you about something specific I’m thankful for this week. But I’m not going to.

Truth is… I dropped the ball and didn’t realize what day it was until the day was nearly upon me. So, this week… This week, you have a list to read. Enjoy, and please leave a list of what you’re thankful for in the comments!

Come join our New Every Morning link-up recounting God's mercies (Lam. 3:22-24)!Wanna join us? It’s simple. Grab a journal and start writing. What are you thankful for in this moment? What have you overlooked that He has graciously given you? Then, each Thursday, join us as we revel in His mercies! If you have a blog, we’d love for you to leave your link. If you don’t, feel free to leave your list in the comments!**

Mercies to date: 394. Take a look at this week’s list:
371. baked peanut butter oatmeal
373. thunderstorms

374. a good report at the first midwife appointment!
376. Ae’s improvement with listening and understanding we do things in a certain order
378. audiobooks
381. a new book on genealogy from the library
382. Ae’s anticipation of bath time (Saturday) and worship (Sunday)
383. sunlight through the window…and delaying turning on the lights

385. A gets Saturday off because he worked Monday instead!

387. 3 loaves of successful sourdough bread!
390. Easter basket from A’s parents via USPS :D
391. Ae’s 2 1/2 hour nap and time for me to read
393. A got to fly!
394. Ae’s request to “‘Ug Beebee Womb!”…multiple times a day. :)

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We Honor God When We…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a parent, it’s that the wisest words I come up with on my own don’t hold a candle to words that come out of my mouth with no forethought. Oh, I don’t mean the slip-ups. Yeah, I’ve had plenty of words come out of my mouth that shouldn’t have…and I’ve had to apologize for them. But I mean the truths that are far more profound than anything I could conjure up.

Have you had any of those? Insights that you speak and then think to yourself, “Where did that come from??” Moments that it’s clear the Holy Spirit had something very specific to impart to your child… and you, if you’re listening.

One such incident happened several weeks ago. I was putting a resistant Ae to sleep, trying to use persuasion with a not-yet-2 year old. Yeah… That worked well… Anyway, as I was talking, these words spilled out of my mouth:

Buddy, we have to sleep. God created our bodies to rest. In fact, we honor God when we choose to rest.

Boom. A ton of bricks fell on me. This came in the midst of a string of evenings where time “got away from me,” and I ended up staying awake much later than I’d planned. I’d then grumble about how little sleep I was going to get and drag myself out of bed the next morning when I heard Ae in the other room.

So, even though I was managing to get “enough” sleep, I wasn’t honoring God. I wasn’t choosing to rest. Somewhere along the way, I still clung to the college student myth that I get more done if I stay up later. And to me, getting stuff done definitely trumped choosing to rest.

Over the next few evenings, I reminded Ae of this truth. And with each reminder, the bell tolled in my brain. I have to make this a priority.

So tonight… tonight I’m going to bed at 8:30. Yeah, 8:30. Not 10:15. Not 11:45. 8:30. But I’m also going to be intentional about getting “stuff” accomplished instead of wasting mindless minutes on Facebook. I think this is a season where God is teaching me to rest:)

Your turn: Are you a “honor God; choose to rest” or a “I’ll get enough sleep when I’m dead” personality? Somewhere in between?

Recap: Appointment #1

After a bit of a quandary with some uncertain dates and whatnot, an ultrasound to verify, and a reschedule, I finally went to my first appointment with the midwife yesterday! I have been anxiously awaiting it. Since I’ve been through this before, I knew a lot more about how to take care of my body during the majority of the first trimester. That helped yesterday’s results be extremely positive. :)

  • My water levels were good. Really good. Major improvement from the first time around.
  • The hemoglobin test showed my iron levels to be much lower than last time. Borderline anemic. I will probably have to supplement for most of the pregnancy this time, rather than just at the end like I did last time.
  • Low blood pressure: confirmed. It’s not dangerously low, but it’s consistently low. I can’t recall the exact numbers this time. 102/62? Somewhere around there.
  • I’m 12 weeks, 6 days along… and measuring 14 cm! “Carrying high,” to quote my midwife.
  • With Ae, I absolutely cherished seeing the look on A’s face when we heard Baby’s heartbeat for the first time. This time, Ae’s eager anticipation was equally priceless. We’ve been talking about where the Baby is (“Ma Womb” is his reply… Mom’s womb), and we explained ahead of time that we would get to hear the Baby’s heartbeat. He was curious and fascinated by the whoosh-whoosh from the doppler.

Our next appointment is April 29. It’s very hard for me to believe that I will already be into the 2nd trimester by then. Actually, I’m just days away from trimester #2! Crazy.

For now, I leave you with a picture. Baby’s growing!